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This property is a string that identifies the subject of an entry.

Allowed values: Architecture, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, Economics, Engineering, Environment, ESL, Health, History, Law, Mathematics, Music, Psychology, Philosophy, Physics, Politics, Religion, Society and Social Sciences, Sociology, Other

This should eventually replace the Category system currently in use.

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Pages using the property "Subject"

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Algebra +Mathematics  +
Algebra: Abstract and Concrete +Mathematics  +
Algebraic Topology +Mathematics  +
Alternative Approaches to Account for Uncollectibl +Mathematics  +, Other  +
American History to 1865 MIT +History  +
American Mathematical Society Books Online +Mathematics  +
An Alternative Inventory System +Mathematics  +, Other  +
An Evolutionist Deconstructs Creationism +Biology  +
An Introduction to Adobe Photoshop +Computer Science  +, Other  +
An Introduction to Economic Reasoning +Economics  +
An Introduction to Nonlinearity in Control Systems +Computer Science  +, Engineering  +, Other  +
An Introduction to Proofs and the Mathematical Vernacular +Mathematics  +
An Introduction to Relational Database Theory +Computer Science  +, Other  +
An Outline of American Geology: Regional Landscapes of the United States +Earth Science  +
An introduction of Java Programming +Computer Science  +
Analytic Aids +Mathematics  +
Analytical Classical Dynamics +Physics  +
Anand's Atlas of Histology +Other  +
Anatomy and Physiology +Biology  +, Health  +
Annuity Info +Business  +
Applications of Prolog +Computer Science  +
Applied Mathematics by Example +Economics  +, Mathematics  +
Art History +Architecture  +, Other  +
Artificial Intelligence +Computer Science  +, Other  +
Artificial Intelligence Wikipedia-based Free Textbook +Computer Science  +
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