Book:The Golden E-Book of Graphs of Mathematical Surfaces

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Bibliographical Data

Title:The Golden E-Book of Graphs of Mathematical Surfaces
Author:E. Perez
Key words:
Education Level:
License:standard copyright
Description:The Golden E-Book of Graphs of Mathematical Surfaces: A selection of some

beautiful mathematical surfaces from the domain of the real and transcomplex numbers system.

Briefly: 6 chapters of math plots with more than 260 figures, most of them in surfaces in full color.

The last (7th) chapter is an application dedicated to the journey of the Mariner 4 spacecraft to Mars launched by NASA on November 28, 1964, recomputing the travel assuming an spiral path, but solving the problem from the standpoint of conformal mapping using the complex exponential function.

The book is in PDF format fully downloadable without any restriction for the visitor/reader.

The book is not exactly a textbook, but it aims to be a good complement to the calculus and complex variables field, specially, as an aid for visualizing real and complex surfaces behavior.

This E-Book is fully copyrighted and protected under the US and international laws. Permission is given to redistribute it in printed or digital format provided that no changes are made to the front or back cover, and that no changes or omissions are made to the content of this copyright notice and credits page. No permission whatsoever is given for any king of alteration to the book content and/or format.


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