Book:Reasonable Basic Algebra

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Bibliographical Data

Title:Reasonable Basic Algebra
Author:Alain Schremmer
Key words:numbers, equations, inequations, polynomials
Education Level:High Schools, Higher Education
License:GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL)
Description:This completely self-contained text proceeds from the fact that mathematics derives from the real world. For instance, logical consequence is nothing but a reflection of real-world causality and statements are true or false, not because some author says so, but because the real world makes them necessarily so. Particular attention is given to the language needed to discuss and understand matters.

The text is part of a package including homeworks, reviews, exams that is suitable for teaching a course in Developmental Math. The package is itself a standalone version of part of a much larger package, in progress, that should provide people with a realistic chance of going from Arithmetic to Differential Calculus in three semesters.

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While, as of this date, the whole project is just Schremmer's, this need not be the case and involvements would be more than welcome.