Book:Fundamentals of Reaction Engineering

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Bibliographical Data

Title:Fundamentals of Reaction Engineering
Author:Rafael Kandiyoti
Subjects:Chemistry, Engineering
Key words:isothermal chemical reactors, isothermal batch reactors, Isothermal
Education Level:Higher Education
License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:This is an introductory text covering the basic elements of reactor design. The focus is on simple flow patterns. Material and energy balances have been derived for continuous stirred tank reactors (perfect mixing) and tubular flow reactors, assuming plug flow. Non-ideal flow is briefly discussed. The important case of exothermic-reversible reactions has been discussed in the context of staged reactors, with interstage or cold-shot cooling. The analysis of heat and mass transfer to/from catalyst pellets in fixed bed catalytic reactors (FBCR) has been introduced, emphasizing the formulation of global reaction rate expressions. Different ways of modelling FBCRs has been described.-a free ebook from


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