Book:Fundamentals of Die Casting Design

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Title:Fundamentals of Die Casting Design
Author:Genick Bar-Meir
Key words:
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License:GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL)
Description:From the author of Fundamentals of Compressible Gas Flow Mechanics comes this book that hopes to revolutionize the die casting industry. Dr. Bar-Meir is a proud supporter of Textbook Revolution. Scroll to the bottom of the link for the book and more info. Dual licensed under the GFDL and the author’s own Potto license. I have mirrored the PDF here (link below).

In the recent years many die casting companies have gone bankrupt (Doehler—Jarvis and Shelby to name a few) and many other die casting companies have been sold (St. Paul Metalcraft, Tool Products, OMC etc.). What is/are the reason/s for this situation? Some blame poor management. Others blame bad customers (which is mostly the automobile industry). Perhaps there is something to these claims. Nevertheless one can see that the underlying reasons is the missing knowledge of how to calculate the when profits are made and how to design so that costs will be minimized. To demonstrate how the absurd situation is the fact that there is not even one company today that can calculate the actual price of any product that they are producing. Moreover, if a company is able to produce a specific product, no one in that company looks at the redesign (mold or process) in order to reduce the costsystematically. If there is a company which does such A thing, the author will be more then glad to learn about it.


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