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Title:Chemical Thermodynamics, Multicomponent systems
Author:Leo Lue
Subjects:Chemistry, Engineering
Key words:thermodynamics, Single component systems
Education Level:Higher Education
License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:1. Introduction

1.1 Basic concepts 1.1.1 State function versus path function 1.1.2 Intensive property versus extensive property 1.2 Brief review of thermodynamics 1.2.1 The first law of thermodynamics 1.2.2 The second law of thermodynamics 1.3 The fundamental equation of thermodynamics 1.4 The calculus of thermodynamics 1.5 Open systems 1.6 Legendre transforms and free energies

2. Single component systems 2.1 General phase behavior 2.2 Conditions for phase equilibrium 2.3 The Clapeyron equation

3. Multicomponent systems 3.1 Thermodynamics of multicomponent systems 3.1.1 The fundamental equation of thermodynamics 3.1.2 Phase equilibria 3.1.3 Gibbs phase rule 3.2 Binary mixtures 3.2.1 Vapor-liquid equilibrium 3.2.2 Liquid-liquid equilibria 3.2.3 Vapor-liquid-liquid equilibria 3.3 Ternary mixtures

4. The ideal solution model 4.1 Definition of the ideal solution model 4.2 Derivation of Raoult’s law

5. Partial molar properties 5.1 Definition 5.2 Relationship between total properties and partial molar properties 5.3 Properties changes on mixing 5.4 Graphical representation for binary systems

6. Nonideal solutions 6.1 Deviations from Raoult’s law and the activity coefficient 6.2 Modified Raoult’s law 6.3 Empirical activity coefficient models 6.4 The Gibbs-Duhem equation 6.5 Azeotropic systems

7. Stability 7.1 Introduction 7.2 Liquid-liquid equilibrium

8. Solid-liquid equilibrium 8.1 Introduction 8.2 Phase behavior 8.3 Conditions for equilibrium

9. Gas solubility and Henry’s law 9.1 Henry’s law 9.2 Activity coefficients

10. Equations of state 10.1 The principle of corresponding states 10.2 The van der Waals equation and cubic equations of state 10.3 Equations of state for mixtures

11. Thermodynamics from equations of state 11.1 The residual Helmholtz free energy 11.2 Fugacity 11.3 Vapor-liquid equilibrium with a non-ideal vapor phase

12. Chemical reaction equilibria 12.1 Conditions for equilibrium 12.2 The phase rule for chemically reacting systems 12.3 Gas phase reactions 12.4 The standard Gibbs free energy of formation 12.5 The influence of temperature 12.6 Liquid phase reactions-a free ebook from


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