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Bibliographical Data Geology
Author:Andrew Alden
Subjects:Earth Science
Key words:geology
Education Level:High Schools, Higher Education
License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright has hundreds of guides to just about everything you could want. All are excellent because the site is maintained by human editors who really know their stuff. Owned by the NY Times, the site suffers somewhat from an overabundance of ads (including pop-ups) and an annoying and ugly frames set-up.

While none of the sections are set up to replace textbooks, many of the guides in their extensive homework help section have written the equivalent of introductory textbooks, broken up into manageable articles and accompanied by extensive links. Among the best is the Geology section. Guide Andrew Alden has written hundreds of informative articles which will help students and amateur geologists at any level. He also has thousands of photographs, a huge collection of maps, and more than 700 carefully selected links. This site could easily replace several introductory geology textbooks.


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