Book:A First Course in Corporate Finance

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Bibliographical Data

Title:A First Course in Corporate Finance
Author:Prof. Ivo Welch
Key words:
Education Level:
License:Free for non-competitive use
Description:A PDF book by an Economics professor at Brown, the book is under development and will stop being free after publication in late 2006. To get the book, you have to register. The process is free, but is limited to non-competing users.

From the site:

    Based on numerical examples, with easy 1-to-1 formula correspondence.
    Half the size of a traditional text—- less is more.
    Conversational tone.
    Closely tied and easily integrated into the finance curriculum.
    Clean design—- not just another clone. (The book can serve not only as a substitute, but also as a complement to a traditional textbook.)
    Many, many other innovations. (Pro formas are the “capstone” chapter. There is a good stand-alone chapter explaining financials from a finance perspective. Comparables are put into perspective. Capital structure reflects more recent findings and is thus much more modern. WACC and APV and the direct approach from financials have clear explanations. Robustness and errors are emphasized throughout the book. The default premium and risk premium are clearly distinguished from one another. There is one intuitive CAPM explanation anyone can understand, and (in the investments book) a hands-on explanation so anyone will really understand it. There is an ethics chapter. The governance chapter is more skeptical. And many more.)


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