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Periodically, I will just decide that I want to lose weight. The circumstances vary, and sometimes it is because I have put on a couple of extra pounds during the holidays or perhaps I am trying to get in shape to run a 10K. Whatever the case may be, there are some things I do whenever I want to lose weight that have always been of great assistance to me, and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to drop a few extra pounds.

How to lose weight fast? What I always do first whenever I decide that I want to lose weight is cut out sweets. The fact of the matter is that sugar is one of the biggest culprits in weight gain, and while I might not necessarily be gaining weight whenever I consume it, I am usually stagnant. I know that the amount of sugar that I take in is helping to keep me at that weight, and I always notice an almost instantaneous weight loss when I cut out sweets, not to mention the fact that I feel a lot better.

I also try to cut down on my carbohydrates. Now, let me be clear. When I want to lose weight, I cut down on my carbohydrates, I do not cut them out entirely. I try not to eat as much bread, for instance, as I would before. I try to eat more whole grain cereals and pastas, and even when I do eat those things, I try to limit my intake of them. I have found that by doing this I am able to shed the pounds more quickly and without have to work as hard on my exercise regimen, which makes it a lot easier for me.

Finally, when I want to lose weight I try to always make sure that I have a good workout routine in place that includes both aerobic work as well as resistance training. It is important to do both, because you burn calories more effectively through both and you remain toned instead of becoming flabby, which is easy to do when you are only dieting and doing aerobic workouts. Plus, including exercise in your daily routine is going to keep you more healthy in general than not doing so.

These are the things that I do when I want to lose weight. I have found that combining them is an effective way to shed some unwanted pounds, while still remaining safe and healthy. It may not be as easy as some other ways of losing weight, but it is effective!