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John Graves
PhD Student
Auckland University of Technology

Open textbooks are just one element of the emerging ecosystem of open education.

My PhD study involves the development of new open source, voice-and-vision enabled educational software. The project is called Open Allure.

Open Allure makes learning more effective. Each choice reinforces or corrects understanding and selects the appropriate learning path, avoiding explanations of things already known and things too difficult to understand (without first learning the prerequisites).

Open Allure makes learning easier. The system responds with spoken rather than written words and links directly to all the other educational websites, videos and simulations on the internet.

Open Allure makes learning free. Given access to the internet with a computer equipped with a webcam and a headset microphone, the instructional content is freely available from Wikipedia-style web pages. Open Allure itself is free and open source software.

Open Allure makes learning fun. The computer watches, listens and reacts -- how cool is that!

For more information, see

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