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THE LAST POGO JUMPS Once again studies the evolution of Toronto via small town in order to big city as well as pop/counter culture lifestyle as a result of and mid-70s. It centres around the first influx of Toronto punk rock rock and brand new wave music, in the Ramones playing The New Yorker Cinema in ‘76 through the police shutting down Teenage Brain and causing a riot at the horseshoe Tavern's infamous “The Last Pogo” concert in 12 1978.

London experienced the Sex Pistols, New York had the actual Ramones, but Toronto stood a punk movement its own. In the end, the Toronto landscape through the late 70?s was forever changed with the infusion of the Do it yourself / punk Or alternative culture(utes) movement. Six a long time in the making, The Last Pogo Jumps Again successfully explores the whys and also wherefores of what was debatably one of the most exciting but misunderstood movements within Toronto’s history.

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