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Biophysics +This is to collect reviews and links to open courseware courses, books, and files on various topics in Biophysics.


CK-12 Foundation +This collection is to link to official CK-12 Foundation books. An official "CK-12 Foundation" book is one published by CK-12 Foundation and not by the general public using the FlexBook system.


Flat World Knowledge +From their web site, <blockquote>Our From their web site, <blockquote>Our books are <b>free </b>online. We offer <b>convenient, low-cost choices</b> for students – softcovers for under $30, audio books and chapters, self-print options, and more. Our books are <b>open </b>for instructors to modify and make their own (for their own course - not for anybody else's). Our books are the hub of a <b>social learning network</b> where students learn from the book <i>and</i> each other.</blockquote> d</i> each other.</blockquote>


Kerala +The government of Kerala, India (via State The government of Kerala, India (via State Council of Educational Research & Training - SCERT) provides High School level textbooks online in four languages: English, Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada in seven subjects: * Physics * Chemistry * Mathematics * Biology * History * Geography * Information technology story * Geography * Information technology