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Course Name Biofundamentals-Introductory Molecular Biology
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Name of institution (e.g., MIT, Harvard) University of Colorado, Boulder
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Review of course Biofundamentals™, developed at the University of Colorado, Boulder, is a re-envisioning of what an introductory lecture and lab course in modern (mostly molecular) biology should look like.

It is designed to be used with an interactive teaching style, with students working with various tutorial assignments out of class, and then in class discussion.

The materials are designed to replace expensive, pedagogically weak textbooks.

To foster understanding, we advocate a self-reflective and Socratic approach.

We ask students to be explicit about their assumptions, the evidence supporting them as well as the evidence that seems contradictory, and encourage them to explain why wrong answers are wrong, rather than simply remembering that right answers are right.

Resources listed on that can be used alongside this course Introductory Evolutionary and Molecular Biology