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Title:The Physical Environment
Author:Michael Ritter
Subjects:Earth Science, World History, Environment
Key words:
Education Level:High Schools
License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:Here’s another outstanding online-only physical geography textbook, this one from the U of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The book goes beyond the standards set by a printed textbook with a CD to integrate everything in one very easy to use site, complete with videos, biographies, and much more. Be warned that you’ll need a collection of plugins for your browser to make all the videos run properly. The site includes a much appreciated changelog and is frequently updated; make sure to check out the new pages on Hurricane Katrina and the Asian tsunami.

Along with the main book, there is a very thorough index, a glossary, and a preview of the forthcoming instructor manual. Another nice touch is the “topic outline” that comes at the beginning of each chapter. Perhaps my favorite feature is the atlas that combines maps from all over the web into a really useful collection of links. Highly recommended!

The Physical Environment is one of the first, totally online physical geography learning environments. The Physical Environment combines text, images, audio and video programs to deliver the subject matter content. A multimedia online environment requires that you interact with the content in new and different ways. The potential of the World Wide Web to bring remote places to our desktops, and the ability to interlink bits of information, breathes life into physical geography. No longer is one tied to a static image in a book, or the graphics available on a CD-ROM. The interconnectivity of the Web engages us in new ways of learning. Hyperlinked resources lets us stay abreast of the latest developments. The reader can explore in greater depth than ever before the physical world from their desktop.


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