Book:Study Guide for a Beginning Course in Ground-Water Hydrology

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Bibliographical Data

Title:Study Guide for a Beginning Course in Ground-Water Hydrology
Author:O. Lehn Franke, Thomas E. Reilly, Ralph J. Haefner and Dale L. Simmons
Subjects:Earth Science
Key words:
Education Level:
License:Public Domain
Description:The USGS wrote this study guide for Hydrology in 1990 in an attempt to boost the number of hydrologists. Although it’s intended to be used in conjunction with a textbook, the study guide is so thorough that it could probably be used alone. The book is a PDF scan of the original typewritten pages, which means that you can’t search it, but there is a pretty good table of contents and it’s well-organized. There are plenty of exercises to help students practice. An excellent resource for anyone struggling with a tough subject.


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