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Title:Structural Geology flash modules
Author:Haakon Fossen
Subjects:Earth Science
Key words:
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License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:This is the companion website to Structural Geology from a Norwegian Perspective, a textbook that’s available now in Norwegian, with an English version coming later this year. If the book is anything like the website it should be quite good. Each of the links on this page is an excellent flash-based presentation on a different area of structural geology. Although each of the modules is designed to go with a particular chapter in the main textbook, they are so well done that they could be used with any other book, or even as a standalone resource for the right lecturer.

The beauty of using flash is that it will work natively in any modern browser, uses relatively little bandwidth, and allows for excellent full-color photos and fascinating animations. This means that students can see faults in action or watch exactly how a metamorphic core complex forms. One drawback of using flash is that it prevents copying and pasting, so there is no excerpt from this resource.


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