Book:Stratospheric Ozone

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Title:Stratospheric Ozone
Subjects:Earth Science
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License:Public Domain
Description:This book is part of NASA’s Studying Earth’s Environment from Space project. It’s viewable online or by ordering CD’s (for mac only!). In addition to the book, there are computer resources and free software, as well as a glossary and acronym list. All in all, a very well done project. And since it was funded by NASA and written by government scientists, it’s in the public domain!

From the book:

This “online textbook” on stratospheric ozone will [provide] a broad overview of the fundamental science related to the study of stratospheric ozone. They are structured to give a basic description of: our atmosphere and ozone (Chapters 1, 2, and 3); the basic physical and chemical processes that control our atmosphere and ozone levels (Chapters 4, 5, and 6); ozone measurement (7); ozone variability (8) and trends (9); the pollution of the ozone layer (10); the Antarctic ozone hole (11); and modeling and the future of ozone (12).


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