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Title:Relativity - The Special and General Theory
Author:Albert Einstein
Key words:
Education Level:
License:Public Domain
Description:eTextbookShop (also known as Textbook Solutions) is an English outfit that’s working hard to bring down the cost of books. Their business plan is to get people to download a souped-up open-standards-compliant e-book reader (that’s a lot of hyphens!). Using this reader, people can then build a library of books that can be read, highlighted, marked up, and generally tweaked. It’s a sound concept similar to other services I’ve blogged about previously.

To get things going, the firm is offering a small number of carefully chosen public domain classics for free. The selections are mostly fiction (Shakespeare, Dickens, etc.), but they also include this seminal work by Albert Einstein.

You’ll need to download the free eTextbookViewer to use the books.

From the site:

eTextbookShop are working hard to bring you a substantial catalogue of classic and brand new eTextbooks. For a limited period, some of the full texts for well-known and popular books are available for free, and even after that period the prices will be close to free!

Remember, to use these eBooks you will need to download and install eTextbookViewer using the link provided, giving you the range of functionality that can only be found in an electronic textbook.


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