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Title:Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide 1e
Author:Dave Thomas
Subjects:Computer Science
Key words:
Education Level:
Description:This is the first edition of a well-received print book from the prolific Pragmatic Programmers press. The free version is available only online in HTML format, but if you like it you can buy the second edition in print, non-DRM’d PDF format, or both.

The HTML version is pretty well laid out, with easy navigation, minimal graphics, and just enough color to keep you from going blind. The text is as clear and easy to digest as writing about programming can be. Unfortunately, there’s no search feature, no index, no downloadable version for folks in the developing world, and no latex source code—all features one might expect from a forward thinking publisher like this writing about an open source software product. But if you just want the goods on Ruby and have an always-on internet connection, this book will certainly serve you well.

From the preface:

This book is a tutorial and reference for the Ruby programming language. Use Ruby, and you’ll write better code, be more productive, and enjoy programming more.
These are bold claims, but we think that after reading this book you’ll agree with them. And we have the experience to back up this belief.
Ruby is easy to learn. Everyday tasks are simple to code, and once you’ve done them, they are easy to maintain and grow. Apparently difficult things often turn out not to have been difficult after all. Ruby follows the Principle of Least Surprise—-things work the way you would expect them to, with very few special cases or exceptions. And that really does make a difference when you’re programming.

This book is licensed under the Open Publication License v1.0.


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