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Title:Physical Geography Glossary of Terms
Author:Michael Pidwirny
Subjects:Earth Science
Key words:
Education Level:
License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:This hyperlinked ebook contains approximately 1800 definitions of commonly used terms in Physical Geography. Available as PDF for your computer or in a version using the proprietary iSilo program for use on a wide variety of handhelds, including Palm PDAs, all Handspring Visors, TRGpro, IBM’s WorkPad, and on Sony’s Clie.

Copyright info: Physical Geography Glossary of Terms is protected by copyright law, and is licensed, not sold. You are allowed and encouraged to use and redistribute Physical Geography Glossary of Terms eBook in its original form, as officially distributed. You are not to distribute modified copies for noncommercial purposes. You are not to distribute unmodified or modified copies of Physical Geography Glossary of Terms eBook for commercial purposes.


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