Book:Medical Student's Guide to the Plain Chest Film

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Bibliographical Data

Title:Medical Student's Guide to the Plain Chest Film
Author:Edwin F. Donnelly, M.D., Ph.D.
Key words:radiology, thoracic, chest, x-ray
Education Level:Higher Education
License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:Free download available at


The 2009 version of the Medical Student's Guide to the Plain Chest Film. This began as a handout for a class that I teach to medical students at Vanderbilt, but it has grown quite a bit to include my "CLAVICLE" method for analyzing chest films and a case book (separate download) for practice.

This materially would ideally be taught after a student has had some initial clinical experience but before he/she has had the time to learn bad habits from those who never learned how to properly look at a chest film. Unfortunately, such a time never really exists. I introduce this material (and provide these handouts) during the second year of medical school and then I teach it more in depth during the radiology clerkship for fourth-year medical students. I believe that all medical students should have some level of comfort with the plain chest film, and this book covers what I consider to be the "core" material. It also provides a simple, yet complete, systematic method for analyzing every chest film.


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