Book:Macroeconometrics Models and Workbook

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Title:Macroeconometrics Models and Workbook
Author:Ray C. Fair
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License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:Ray Fair is coauthor of a standard economics textbook. Unfortunately, there is no free version of the book, but he does make several macroeconometric models available for free on his website. There is a very good free workbook to go along with the models. Elsewhere on his site you’ll find the class notes, including problem sets (no answers) for two of his classes.

From the site:

This part of the site brings the power of large scale macroeconometric analysis to anyone with access to the internet. It is a resource for business forecasters, government policy analysts, macroeconomic researchers, teachers, and students. You can:

Work with a U.S. macroeconometric model or a multicountry econometric model to forecast, do policy analysis, and examine historical episodes. For example, you can change government policy variables and examine the estimated effects of the changes.

Table and graph online and/or download all or part of the historical data, forecast data, and data you may have created.

Read online and/or download all the documentation, memos, and papers.

Download for use on your own computer the Fair-Parke (FP) program and the models.


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