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Title:Kerala Information Technology
Subjects:Computer Science
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License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:The Government of Kerala, India, has put together a series of free online textbooks aimed at a high school audience. This link is to the introductory computer book in the series. Each chapter is a separate PDF file. The books each have a specific audience, and many start with the assumption that students already have some education on the subject matter.

Western readers might find that the writing style and graphics aren’t comparable to western textbooks, but the material is covered fairly well in each textbook and a dedicated student will probably find something useful here. This book is probably the best in the series, with plenty of color graphics (although they’re somewhat pixelated) and a good coverage of a number of topics.

Open source afficionados will be gratified to know that the book embraces open source. The instructions for every exercise are given for students using either Windows or Linux machines; the office software references Open Office and MS Office; there is even a whole chapter on working with the GIMP. People new to open source software might find this book to be a good primer. Most entertaining is the sidebar on an 18-year old Indian student who has achieved some fame for writing three books, including a “guide to ethical hacking” and “Network Security: a Hacker’s Perspective.”

On the hardware side, there is an intro to networking and a fairly thorough description of what goes on inside a computer.


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