Book:Kansas State University Human Nutrition (HN 400) Flexbook

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Bibliographical Data

Title:Kansas State University Human Nutrition (HN 400) Flexbook
Author:Brian Lindshield Ph.D.
Subjects:Biology, Health
Key words:Flexbook, Nutrition, Diet, Digestion, Macronutrient, Metabolism, Vitamin, Minearal
Education Level:Higher Education
License:Public Domain
Description:The CK-12 foundation defines a flexbook as a “free and open source textbook platform where one can build and edit collaborative textbooks.” The Kansas State University Human Nutrition (HN 400) Flexbook fits this definition but I feel the name is particularly accurate due to the flexibility of Google Docs. Students in addition to having access through Google Docs, can download the flexbook as an .odt, .pdf, .rtf, .doc, text, or html file giving them flexibility to use the document how they would like. Students can also choose whether they would like to read flexbook digitally or print and read on paper.

HN400 is a 3-hour, intermediate-level, nutrition course at Kansas State University taught on campus every spring semester, and all 3 semesters (fall, spring, summer) via the Division of Continuing Education. Ideally on campus students take the course during the spring semester of their sophomore year. On campus most students in the class are majoring in Nutritional Sciences, Public Health Nutrition, Nutrition & Kinesiology, Athletic Training, and Dietetics. There is an increasing number of Biology, Life Sciences and other majors taking the course.


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