Book:Java -- The Fundamentals of Objects and Classes

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Title:Java: The Fundamentals of Objects and Classes
Author:David Etheridge
Subjects:Computer Science
Key words:Java, objects, syntax, semantics, code, data, values
Education Level:Higher Education
License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:This is the first part of the "Java"-series written by David Etheridge. This book gives the reader an introduction to Java and its basics. The topics in this book are Variables, Operators, Identifiers, Methods, Arrays.

1. Object-Oriented Programming: What is an Object? 1.1 Introduction to Objects 1.2 Comparison of OOP and Non-OOP 1.3 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA & D)

2. A First Java Programme: From Class Diagram to Source Code 2.1 Introduction 2.2 The Class Diagram for the Member Class 2.3 The Java Source Code for the Member Class 2.4 Using Member Objects 2.5 Summary

3. Language Basics: Some Syntax and Semantics 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Identifiers 3.3 Primitive Data Types 3.4 Variables 3.5 Operators 3.6 Summary

4. Methods: Invoking an Object’s Behavior 4.1 How do we get Data Values into a Method? 4.2 How do we get Data Values out of a Method? 4.3 Method Overloading 4.4 The Structure of a Typical Class Definition

5. Classes and Objects: Creating and Using Objects 5.1 Invoking an Object’s Constructor 5.2 Object Construction and Initialisation of an Object’s State 5.3 Overloading Constructors 5.4 Initialisation Blocks

6. Collecting Data I 6.1 An Introduction to Arrays 6.2 Arrays as Data Structures 6.3 Declaring Arrays 6.4 Creating Arrays 6.5 Populating Arrays 6.6 Accessing Array Elements


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