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Title:Introduction to Statistical Thought
Author:Michael Lavine
Key words:Statistics
Education Level:
License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:Here’s a well-designed PDF-only book on statistics from a professor at Duke. The material is well organized and the text is accessible and fairly easy to read, even to a non-math type like me. The PDF is nicely laid out, with links in all the right places. I didn’t delve into the use of the R statistical program, but it’s used to supplement the text. There are dozens of practice questions at the end of every chapter, the index is hyperlinked to the text, and there’s an extensive bibliography. An excellent choice for an introductory statistics class.

From the site:

The book is intended as an upper level undergraduate or introductory graduate textbook in statistical thinking with a likelihood emphasis for students with a good knowledge of calculus and the ability to think abstractly. By “statistical thinking” is meant a focus on ideas that statisticians care about as opposed to technical details of how to put those ideas into practice. The book does contain technical details, but they are not the focus. By “likelihood emphasis” is meant that the likelihood function and likelihood principle are unifying ideas throughout the text.
Another unusual aspect is the use of statistical software as a pedagogical tool. That is, instead of viewing the computer merely as a convenient and accurate calculating device, the book uses computer calculation and simulation as another way of explaining and helping readers understand the underlying concepts. The book is written with the statistical language R embedded throughout.
Introduction to Statistical Thought is not finished yet, but is sufficiently complete to be used as a course text by knowledgable instructors. Material will be added. Corrections will be made.


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