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Title:Introduction to Probability
Author:Leif Mejlbro
Key words:Stochastic independency, Stochastic dependency, Huyghens’ exercise
Education Level:Higher Education
License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:This is the first book of examples from the Theory of Probability. This topic is not my favourite, however, thanks to my former colleague, Ole Jørsboe, I somehow managed to get an idea of what it is all about. The way I have treated the topic will often diverge from the more professional treatment. On the other hand, it will probably also be closer to the way of thinking which is more common among many readers, because I also had to start from scratch. Unfortunately errors cannot be avoided in a first edition of a work of this type. However, the author has tried to put them on a minimum, hoping that the reader will meet with sympathy the errors which do occur in the text.

1 Some theoretical background

2 Set theory

3 Sampling with and without replacement

4 Playing cards

5 Miscellaneous

6 Binomial distribution

7 Lotto

8 Huyghens’ exercise

9 Balls in boxes

10 Conditional probabilities, Bayes’s formula

11 Stochastic independency/dependency

12 Probabilities of events by set theory

13 The rencontre problem and similar examples

14 Strategy in games

15 Bertrand’s paradox


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