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Title:Introduction to Carbonates
Author:Rafaelsen and Nielsen
Subjects:Earth Science
Key words:
Education Level:
License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:This is an excellent flash-based intro to carbonate geology. It’s packed with full color diagrams and pictures, and while it doesn’t have many of the fancy animations that flash is capable of, it does allow users to roll over some pages to get more info.

One drawback of using flash is that it prevents copying and pasting, so there is no excerpt from this resource. What you’ll find are pages discussing every aspect of carbonate geology from mineralogy to diagenesis to karsts. The text is followed by a very useful page of links to other resources that’s small enough to be manageable but large enough to cover the field well.

This book is also available from learningGEOSCIENCE. The site started out independently hoping to replace textbooks with online learning modules. Then in 2004, it entered into an agreement with the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) to become their online learning portal. The site, although confusing to navigate, is packed with nearly 100 flash learning modules and a handful of longer (8-10 hour) courses.

Unfortunately, to use the vast majority of these resources, you must be a member of the EAGE. This course is an exception, as the author has received special permission to host the book on his personal website. EAGE appears willing to work with individuals and institutions to make this material affordable, so it’s possible that a university could get a bulk license for a particular class for a per-student cost far below that of standard textbooks. A professor with access to the full site would have a fantastic tool, far better than any one textbook. Another upside is that EAGE offers a number of free student memberships every year to qualifying students. For those students who can’t get in for free, the yearly 25 euro membership fee is a far better deal than a $120 textbook.


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