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Title:Illustrated Textbook Answers: Algebra 1
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License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:Illustrated Textbook Answers is following a standard Algebra 1 outline based on current textbooks. The textbook provides six illustrated answers for every algebra concept in contrast to the usual one explanation found in a typical algebra textbook.

The answers are based on hundreds of thousands of online sessions with students that have shown that step-by-step instructions with “motion lines” are extremely useful in understanding algebra. The motions lines are similar to a teacher’s hand gestures which have also proven to be effective in increasing understanding.

The step-by-step explanations can be distributed freely to students. Any teacher or educator can use illustrated answers to augment their current textbooks and day-to-day classroom teaching. However, the content is copyright protected and may not be incorporated into websites, textbooks, or other materials without express written permission.


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