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Title:How To Think Like a Computer Scientist
Author:Allen B. Downey, Jeffrey Elkner and Chris Meyers
Subjects:Computer Science
Key words:
Education Level:
Description:How to Think Like a Computer Scientist is an introductory programming textbook written and distributed using the GNU GPL. It was originally written with examples in Java, but it now exists in versions that cover Python, Logo, and C++.

It can be read online, or downloaded as a pdf, ps, or LaTex file, The website also offers different human language translations, english and spanish versions for the Python edition. Hardcopies can be purchased from Green Tea Press .

This is a marvelous demonstration of what is possible in non-commercial publishing. A user community has developed around the various editions of this book, check it out at the Open Book Project . Highly recommended.


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Duplicates: Book:How_to_Think_Like_a_Computer_Scientist