Book:Glaciers and Glacial Geology

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Title:Glaciers and Glacial Geology
Author:The students of geology 445, Spring 1999, MSU
Subjects:Earth Science
Key words:
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License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:Here’s a book on glacial geology that appears to have been written by students as a class project. Eight years ago, it was ahead of its time, but thanks to the fast-changing world of web design it now looks somewhat dated. The material is still quite good, and the students spent a great deal of time making sure that the book’s navigation and content were up to snuff, so this book still deserves consideration for any student of the subject. Hopefully Prof. Locke, the supervisory editor, will tackle an updated version in the future with a new class.

The book comes in both introductory and advanced versions, laid out side-by-side in the table of contents. At times, this works quite well, offering just enough info in the former version while saving the real technical stuff for the latter. At other times, the introductory version is little more than a picture of a landform. Both versions suffer somewhat from more than a handful of broken links, although the site is overall still functioning quite well after all these years.

As far as ancillary materials, there is a well-done glossary that is thoroughly linked from the text. The references page is broken, and there are no review questions or test preparation materials. The site lacks a search function or index, although navigation is straightforward enough through the table of contents. There are plenty of color and black and white images to go around. The book is available online only, with no PDF version.

Overall, there is enough here for a dedicated student enrolled in a class on glacial geology to learn the subject well in combination with outside internet research. Unfortunately, the linkrot and somewhat dated layout may turn off some professors and students.

This hypertext begins with an introductory overview of the major topics in glaciology and glacial geology. Each topic is linked to a Web page intended to discuss that topic at a level appropriate for first-year university students. Those pages are linked where appropriate to recognize the intimate interrelationships among topics, rather than linear connections between them. Each page allows the option to continue upward into a more advanced discussion of the topic at hand or onward into discussion of the next topic at the same level. Links in the pages will follow a consistent format: standard text links to link locally to a continuous thread (within our pages), italicized links to go to a glossary, bold links to link outside the document, and bold italic links to link to an example (a box, a photograph, an exercise, or other supporting material).


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