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Bibliographical Data

Title:Elementary Calculus: An Approach Using Infinitesimals
Author:H. Jerome Keisler
Key words:Calculus
Education Level:
License:CC Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike (by-nc-sa)
Description:PDF files scanned from the out-of-print second edition of this book, available as one massive 24 mb file or as individual chapters.

From the site:

This is a calculus textbook at the college Freshman level based on Abraham Robinson’s infinitesimals, which date from 1960. Robinson’s modern infinitesimal approach puts the intuitive ideas of the founders of the calculus on a mathematically sound footing, and is easier for beginners to understand than the more common approach via limits.
The First Edition of this book was published in 1976, and a revised Second Edition was published in 1986, both by Prindle, Weber & Schmidt. The book is now out of print and the copyright has been returned to me as the author. I have decided (as of September 2002) to make the book available for free in electronic form at this site. These PDF files were made from the printed Second Edition.

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Mirrors are available on the TBR FTP server.

If you would like to use FTP, logon to: site: user: password: ftpbooks The book and chapters are in the folder textbooks/math/keiser.


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