Book:Economics and Language: Five Essays

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Title:Economics and Language: Five Essays
Author:Ariel Rubinstein
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License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:Here’s another PDF version of a print book from this well known economist. This one is much more readable than his lecture notes, and poses some interesting questions for those who study economics and game theory. The author’s introduction (chapter 0), explains it best:

The title of these lectures may be misleading. Although the caption “Economics and Language” is a catchy title, it is too vague. It encompasses numerous subjects, most of which will not be touched on here. This series of lectures will briefly address five issues which fall under this general heading. The issues can be presented in the form of five questions:

Why do we tend to arrange things on a line and not in a circle? How is it that the utterance “be careful” is understood by the listener as a warning and not as an invitation to a dance? How is it that the statement “it is not raining very hard” is understood to mean “it is raining but not very hard”? Does the textbook utility function log (x111)x2 make sense? Is the use of the word “strategy” in game theory rhetorical? All the issues discussed in these lectures lie somewhere between economic theory and the study of language.


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