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Title:Computational Biology: An Introduction to Modeling Biological Systems using Visual Python
Author:Gavin A. Buxton
Key words:biology, models, simulations
Education Level:Higher Education
License:GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL)
Description:Computer models are a powerful tool for predicting the behavior of medical devices, elucidating the

complexities of biological systems and elaborating on experimental results. In particular, numerical simulations can reveal interesting insights into nanoscale systems, which might be difficult or impossible to experimentally probe, or allow us to tailor the design of medical devices to optimize performance. Computational modeling will, therefore, play an increasingly important role in the biological and health sciences. This book offers an introduction to computational biology using visual python (an extremely powerful and simple language with graphical capabilities) which focuses on a variety of different types of computer models and how they can be applied to model biological systems. Through simple examples and case studies, this book explores the basics of programming and introduces the power and scope of numerical simulations. This book is ideal for students and researchers looking to adopt or create new computer models of biological systems.


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