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Bibliographical Data

Title:Bucknall's Free Economics Notes
Author:Kevin Bucknall
Key words:microeconomics, macroeconomics, markets, labour economics, market success, market failure, monopoly
Education Level:High Schools, Higher Education
License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:A former tutor from England has put all of the notes he used in one-on-one economics tutoring up online as individual PDFs.

From the site:

This was originally a set of personal teaching notes, designed for the GCE A-Level in the UK. The book contains the full set of economics notes, covering microeconomics and macroeconomics. As this course covers elementary economics, these notes could be used to help you to understand any introductory course, at school or college, particularly if you are having trouble understanding something and want a non-mathematical explanation to help you follow what is going on. It also makes a good teacher resource and could be used to design lessons.


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