Book:Biology and the Systematics of the Saprolegniaceae

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Title:Biology and the Systematics of the Saprolegniaceae
Author:T.W. Johnson, Jr., et al.
Subjects:Biology, Health
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License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:“It is unlikely that among the zoosporic fungi there is one group more widely known than the Saprolegniaceae. They are faithful subjects of countless exercises in introductory laboratories of mycology where they perform almost on demand. But, they are as well the tools of a variety of investigations the results of which appear in many sources in several languages. Indeed, the whole broad spectrum of the practice of biology from observational taxonomy, ecology, and cytology to the experimental levels of biochemistry and physiology can be found in the research on members of this family.”

The book is split into many chapters, each in .PDF format.


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