Book:Better Health Care at Half the Cost

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Bibliographical Data

Title:Better Health Care at Half the Cost
Author:Arndt von Hippel
Key words:Government, Economics
Education Level:Higher Education
License:Public Domain
Description:Dr. von Hippel is the author of five books, all of which he has graciously agreed to let Textbook Revolution host. In this book, he takes on the healthcare industry, giving a history of the industry over the last few decades and proposing some new alternatives. More policy statement than medical text, the book is well-suited for a variety of government or public policy classes.

Readers should note that the author delves into politics at several points during the book. We feel that politics, while not appropriate in all textbooks, are both appropriate and relevant in a book on public policy. The opinions of the author are his own and are not representative of the opinions of Textbook Revolution. We are hosting this book as a community service. Please direct all comments, positive or negative, to the author.

This book is a straightforward PDF file with no bells or whistles.

The book is available in print from for $22.99 plus shipping. The author is also selling his own copies at $12 including U.S. shipping. Please contact him directly at avhmvh AT gci DOT net to purchase from him.


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