Book:Beginning English for Somali Speakers with Selected Vocabulary

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Title:Beginning English for Somali Speakers with Selected Vocabulary
Key words:chemisty and biology in somali
Education Level:High Schools
License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:From the site:
This book, Beginning English for Somali Speakers, was written for the benefit of Somali speakers who are learning English. The first half of each chapter is written in English, and the second half presents the same material in the Somali language. Chapter 1 contains a brief introduction, Chapter 2 explains the pronunciation of the English consonants and vowels, and Chapters 3 to 11 explain various aspects of basic English grammar. The final chapter contains an English-Somali and Somali-English Vocabulary of around 600 commonly used English words.
The contents of this site can be seen at a glance from the Table of Contents, which contains links to all of the material covered. Anyone who would like to download the material in order to use it more conveniently is welcome to do so. Simply save this file: somali.exe (100Kb). This is a self-expanding file. Once you have saved the file, if you then double-click on it, and click on Start and OK, somali.exe will expand into 14 files which can be read on your browser, one file for each chapter of the book. You will then have the whole book on your computer, and can use it in electronic form or print it out, as you wish. In order for the links to work correctly, all of the files should be kept in a single directory.

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biology and chemistry in somali language