Book:Basics of Fluid Mechanics

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Title:Basics of Fluid Mechanics
Author:Genick Bar-Meir, Ph D
Subjects:Engineering, Mathematics, Physics
Key words:Fluid Mechanics, Dimensional Analysis, Fluid Dynamics
Education Level:Higher Education
License:GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL)
Description:This book describes typical issues that are taught and covered in first year class of fluid mechanics which include

various examples and application with many visual illustrations. The focus of this book is on effective learning and current state of the art. This book should be used by many different engineering disciplines. The presentation is build from ground up in order to facilitate familiarity with many concepts used in real life. The concepts are describe in easy and plain terms, avoiding the jargon as much as possible. Real world examples are provided engaging the readers with the material. There are several unique parts of the book. This is the only book that contains many innovative ideas for example Nusselt Methods. (Dimensional Analysis). It also contains extensive description of integral methods, Reynolds Transport Theorem, and Differential Governing Equations. Many consider the chapter on fluid statics in this book the best and the most extensive. Get if for free on or pay 33 dollars on

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