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Bibliographical Data

Title:Artificial Intelligence Wikipedia-based Free Textbook
Author:Arthur Murray
Subjects:Computer Science
Key words:AI, Computers, Robots, Internet, Singularity, Wikipedia
Education Level:High Schools, Higher Education
License:All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright
Description:Here’s a book on artificial intelligence that the author made available online in 2002. He recently went through and updated each of the 40+ chapters with links to wikipedia. It’s meant to compete with the standard text in the field: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach.

The Artificial Intelligence Wikipedia-based Free Textbook is a collection of forty-plus module/chapter webpages with links from each module into related technical articles on Wikipedia, the free on-line encyclopedia. As Wikipedia grows and solidifies, the free AI textbook also grows and solidifies. Included are sample AI source-code programs, such as a JavaScript AI tutorial.


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