Book:A Manual of Thoracic Surgery, 2nd Ed.

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Bibliographical Data

Title:A Manual of Thoracic Surgery, 2nd Ed.
Author:Arndt von Hippel
Key words:
Education Level:Higher Education
License:Public Domain
Description:Dr. von Hippel is the author of seven books, and he has graciously agreed to let Textbook Revolution host the five that remain relevant. In this book, he demystifies thoracic surgery for the medical students, nurses, and doctors who need advice. Using clear language and adding plenty of anecdotes from his own experience as a thoracic surgeon, this book should be a welcome relief from the average academic tome.

Dr. von Hippel published the second edition of this book in 1986. In order to get this book to you in an acceptable format, he cut the spine off of one of his own copies and laboriously hand-scanned the book to several huge PDF files. He sent the files to us and we extracted the text then recompiled it. The result is what you see here, offered as PDF, .odt and .doc files for you to enjoy.

Dr. von Hippel has donated this book to the public domain. This means you can do whatever you please with it. If you decide to dress it up and make it more readable, please share a copy of your updated version with us. A paperbound version of this book is available from


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