Book:A History of the United States Vol. 2

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Bibliographical Data

Title:A History of the United States Vol. 2
Author:David J. Trowbridge
Key words:american history, U.S. history, history
Education Level:Higher Education
License:CC Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike (by-nc-sa)
Description:A History of the American People Vol. 2 by Trowbridge is an engaging, accessible narrative that makes US history (after 1865) come alive and bridges the gap between academia and your students. This text does more than cover the basic timeline of events students need to be familiar with, it provides opportunities to read about history from a variety of perspectives and appeals to students of diverse backgrounds and abilities. Trowbridge made a concerted effort to reach students where they live, regardless of whether they have already discovered a love for history or they are about to in your class.

A History of the American People Vol. 2 also incorporates a variety of perspectives and blends social and cultural history throughout a direct and concise narrative. The author challenges students to find connections between events and eras (such as the ideas and rhetoric of the American Revolution and the Civil War or the impact of the Cold War on the Civil Rights Movement). In addition, A History of the American People Vol. 2 includes examples of how the past has been interpreted by others over time to show why historical interpretations change, and why this matters.

Finally, you’ll find A History of the American People Vol. 2 to be the most easily adaptable text on the market today. Flat World’s creative commons license and MIYO (Make It Your Own) customization platform makes it possible for you to edit this text in any way you choose and the changes will be attributed to you.

Arguably, no other academic discipline lends itself to ease of adaptability that Flat World provides quite as well as history. In a discipline where individuality reigns, authority is suspect and “truth” is subjective, a peer reviewed open-source textbook like this one offers the best of both worlds. First, a stand-alone text that covers the field better than any textbook presently on the market, and second, an opportunity to present additional perspective based on an instructor’s own research and knowledge of what works with their students.

Review A History of the American People Vol. 2 by Trowbridge today to assess if it is the right book to compliment your lectures and uncomplicate your life, allowing you to focus on the job you love—teaching History.


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